Why Are Ergo Baby Carriers So Popular? http://www.ergobabyonlinesales.com

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[url="http://www.ergobabyonlinesales.com/"]ergo carrier[/url]   [url="http://www.ergobabyonlinesales.com/"]http://www.ergobabyonlinesales.com[/url]are designed to help your posture and take the pressure off your back while carrying your baby or toddler. The Ergo features padded shoulders and waist, is designed for carrying the baby in the front or back (depending on their age and weight), and accessories are available such as a newborn insert and a sucking (or drool) pad.

Unlike other carrier methods (such as ring slings, wraps or pouches), the Ergo appeals to both moms and dads, so you don't need to buy multiple carriers. It is simple to readjust the straps to fit either parent. There are multiple color options, mostly in neutral colors.

Having a infant carrier, such as the Ergo, can mean the difference between staying in the house all day or going out to the store, going to family events, the beach or fun destinations.

Additionally, carrying your baby promotes bonding between parent and child. The baby feels the rhythm of your breathing and hears your heartbeat, and it gives them the sense of security they had in the womb. Research has indicated that babies that are carried in a [url="http://www.ergobabyonlinesales.com/"]baby carrier[/url]  [url="http://www.ergobabyonlinesales.com/"]http://www.ergobabyonlinesales.com[/url]sleep better and cry less than babies that are not carried close to your body.

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