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Dress and general clothes are different, only want to change a little direction is can't do. Don't drag skirt to exaggerate gesture of trick is to turn, turn in the opposite direction of rotation and hand gently hold skirt edge and bustle slightly upward lift, in wearing , is covered with long veil, hang them on his wrist, instantly turned fast. The bride ChiFa hand flowers, how to take hand flowers to look natural and graceful, give a person and free from vulgarity impression? The right hand flowers grip is the little finger with the thumb should be on the same side, will take tightly clamps, and so can put the bouquet fixed live and not disorderly shaking. If it is with both hands hand flowers, should be hold your head up high, shoulders down naturally, his hands with a flower on the top of the , so that can give a person happy and pleased with comfortable, confident and sedate sense. If the hand spend improve on his chest, you of shoulder will improve, give a person the feeling of tension. In addition, in marrying, usually the groom was standing on the right side of the bride, so if single hand flowers, should be with his left hand and stop flower. If it is nifty and lovely use of spherical hand flower, can regard it as handbag as in the left hand, or hang in his left wrist. When the ceremony of the station appearance, naturally straight back, the bride and groom each other consciously spell "eight" glyph, whether to meet guest or take souvenir picture, standing posture is very important, so we must pay special to just good. Back have up extend feeling, head, hips, and heel into a straight line, the upper part of the body has been sling feeling, standing has a special spirit. The bride should stand in the side after by about 15 centimeters, the right hand over the right arm, two people's position as "eight" word, positive feeling best ; The groom light bent arm and let the bride handle insert in the elbow. To pay attention to is the bride don't pull the groom's clothes, let a person have the feeling of fear. Wedding dress and the maintenance mode : 1.Look from the whole, to check the , have what kind of besmirch then use professional cleaner for hand washing. 2.If only tiny besmirch, do not need to wash large area, as long as with a soft cloth (besmirch heavier also can choose soft little brush) with a check water temperature and professional detergent and gently wipe, fabric below is best pad a clean piece of white towels, detergent diffusion minimize, wipe gently until besmirch disappear. 3. Rinse the cloth (or soft brush) wipe washery, repeatedly cleaning cloth, wiped a few times until the detergent is wipe; 4.The last step, is also the most important step, with a wet towel dry and wet places the brush divide evenly, otherwise the junction of the dry and wet places will appear with particular. 5.Wipe after good blow station remote low-temperature blown dry. 6.If think washing operation up too difficult, or besmirch area is larger, the word, also can whole launching washing, where there is the place of besmirch key gently scrub, after washing with water gently rinse clean, hanging in a cool and dry ventilated place. 7.Note: try to minimize the bead piece, crystal diamond ornaments such as the immersion time. Air basks in process: 1.When air is basked in to choose a cool ventilated place, avoid exposure, , wedding dress in line turn inside out, con air, avoid direct solar radiation clothes surface, sun exposure will damage are clothes. 2.Dress can be hung to dry, dry in dust cover set of good hung up. Heavier dress requires set of good preservation, avoid suspension. 3. Marriage gauze especially heavier marriage gauze , stored shall pay special attention to, after touching water will be more heavy, conventional hung sun will cause deformation. 4.suggested that the marriage gauze tile dry, dry sealing after preservation. 5.Suggest careful meticulous stored in no acid, avoid light, air box, lest its by light, dust and mycotic infestation. 6.At the same time to use do not contain acid material of tissue isolation in each layer creasing intermediate, lest suture and fold is wear. Finally in this box to the outside of the cover on again a outer protection bag and store in a cool, dry place,in order to the dust sex and avoid light sex, for marriage gauze provide more fine protection. 7.Note: collection before marriage gauze must wash your hands first, also do not paste on cosmetics, or the time is long, the wedding will appear yellow spot, had better be put on a pair of gloves. If marriage gauze wrinkle, can use the iron, the temperature is not too high. Yarn wrinkle, can put the yarn hang up, after half a day will naturally vertical. Bustle method is to be able to use rope bound, need to be in when take out.


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