Embroidery Scarf

Suzhou Embroidery originated from Suzhou areas of China has the features of beautiful patterns, ingenious idea, meticulous embroidery work, lively stitch, and elegant colors. It complies with the skills of “Plain, Neat, Harmonious, Shiny, Smooth, and Uniform”. Suzhou Embroidery Finished Embroidery Scarf is hand-embroidered one stitch and one string by Suzhou embroidery workers. Its cloth is high quality silk fabric, which has a variety of colors and is four-season apply. And I also have many other big Chinese arts and crafts, such as embroidery, screen, ox bone bracelet, etc. Yak are living in Tibet, China, a specialty in plateau of China, which have a tenacious vitality. Yak, treasure specialty, one of ox species and limit distribution in the world, which can adapts alpine conditions and lives to now. There are fourteen million in all, almost of them are in the alpine region at an altitude of 3000m in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. This yak bone makes of yak bone, delicate craftsmanship and beautiful, colorful pearls matches, easy to wear and fit for lots of clothes. Cloth Bracelet Sunflower is famous for beautiful scenery and handicrafts in China. The cloth bracelet is a representative of the handworks, natural cotton fabric and bright color mix with handmade. The design of bracelet from local national characteristic pattern, from the local characteristic of plant flowers, handmade, easy to wear and clean. Red and green pearls inlaid in black ground of cloth to make a beautiful sunflower. Suzhou Embroidery is one of the four famous embroidery and famous for its elaborate skills and reality. Beautiful patterns, clever conception, elaborate embroidery, lively stitches, elegant color that represents local features of Suzhou embroidery, and it is also flat, neat, harmonious, suitable, glossy and uniform. This table-screen is smaller screen and usually used on tables for exhibit, furnishing for enjoyment. This table-screen is the representative of Suzhou embroidery, elegant embroidery with double sides, handmade frames with carving flowers, smooth feeling and exquisite skills. Happiness appears on the eyebrows: Magpie are singing and dancing on the branch. you can try

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